Aug. 11th, 2009

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1. Most likely delicious
2. I'm going swimming this afternoon and need to have lunch apart from the tomato I had two hours ago (which was nevertheless a phenomenal tomato).
3. There is no food at home. (Well, apart from cereal and questionable hemp milk and the curry that made J sick. Why haven't we thrown that out yet?)
4. Mmmm protein.

1. I'm not really all that hungry.
2. It costs $7.60.
3. It might not be delicious.
4. I dissect sandwiches.
5. Tofu makes my stomach hurt sometimes.

Pro Rebuttal:
1. I might not dissect a wrap.
2. I'm getting hungry.
3. Fooooooooood.

Oh, decisions. Why must I make you?
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I have achieved New Pool! Conveniently a week and a half before I return to Old Pool, and three weeks before I return to school where there is the pool I have been in once to take the mandatory swim test (oh, old New England schools). Still, it has lap lanes all the way across with nifty signs denoting slow, medium, and fast, and a pace clock. (Trivia: if I start out doing a moderate set and later switch to sprints, which speed lane should I be in and/or should I switch partway through my workout?)

Today's workout: warmup, 2x250 (second one faster than the first), 4x25 sprint, 2x25 technique, 4x25 sprint, cool down.

Also, it may be the more chlorinated pool I've ever been in. I might have gotten the "chlorine high" my mom is always claiming.


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