Aug. 12th, 2009

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Something in my life is about to explode. Given the signs, probably my kitchen.

I was boiling water earlier this morning on our crappy gas stove that reeks of gas (but hey! at least it's not electric!) when the space between the stove top and the wooden counter lit on fire. There it was, all hissing and blue and all I could think of was to blow on it. (Thankfully it wasn't an oil fire.) And then turn the stove off because I am intelligent. So everything's fine and all, but it does explain why the counter on the other side of the stove top is a bit charred.

I have another week and a half in this apartment before I move, so I figure I'll just be irrationally (or would this count as rational?) afraid of the stove until then. Woo!

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Definitely very high on the list: acquire soap. J's does not smell good. On top of that, I need to buy shampoo that will actually get chlorine out of my hair (anyone out there on the intertubes have a recommendation?) because while the chlorine high is lovely, my hair has lightened several shades after the past two days. In case anyone was wondering, blonde hair + chlorine buildup = green hair.

Also track workout. And coffee.

As should be obvious, my life is oh-so-full of stress right now. Yay for summer.


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