Sep. 21st, 2009

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Specifically, at (1) posting and (2) learning foreign languages. No particular excuse for either, but hey, at least I admit it.

I'm trying to learn Bahasa Indonesia as an independent study before I head over to Bali in the spring. I consider myself a person of at least average intelligence, but memorizing new vocabulary? So not good. I have managed to learn the words for coffee, tea, and eat (kopi, teh, dan makan), at least. Is anyone surprised that those are the words I remember? Also nasi goreng -- fried rice. Seriously, just give me a list of food and cooking terms and I'll learn them no problem. I think my Prof was getting a bit frustrated, though, as I consistently forgot vocab words and mispronounce the negation word. Whoops...

In other news, I have an amazing view of what is either the Dome or an unnamed 500ft hill. I can read a topographical map, thank you very much, but the enormous oak and pine trees are rather in the way of any other reference points. Oh, also I have amazing morning light. Have I mentioned that yet? 

I went on a run this morning up one of the huge hills/small mountains near campus this morning. The hill faces east and the sun was just coming up. On my way down I got a perfect view of the valley, covered in golden-hued fog. Oh man I love these morning runs.

Now off to work on my fiction imitation! We'll see if it turns out well at all.


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