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Finally! We've had a few flurries here and there but this is the first time anything's stuck. I was beginning to worry that I wouldn't see any this winter, since I'm to go home in 2 weeks and it rarely snows there.

I'm shifting into exams mode, which really means paper-writing mode. I've three ten-page research papers, a fiction portfolio, and a 24-hour take-home to take care of before I go home. I try to avoid going on and on about how much school is breaking me right now, but it's a difficult subject to avoid -- yesterday I had a thought that it wouldn't be all that bad if I just packed up my room and went home without writing any of my papers. Failing a whole semester's worth of classes wouldn't be so bad, right? It's been a lot of slogging through and taking the occasional half-hour break to cry and panic. Right now it doesn't seem so bad, but yesterday I read exactly one article for research. Not so good. When I called home, my mother was utterly unhelpful: all "well why don't you try x" and "well in two weeks it'll be over." True enough, but not particularly useful. Still, she's trying. J's trying, too, but she's getting over the swine and is understandably and perfectly reasonably mopey herself.

But there are, certainly, ups: last week I was home for Thanksgiving, which was wonderful as always, and mailed in my story to the Atlantic student fiction contest. Just have to cross my fingers until March now. I've told my parents that if anything comes from the Atlantic while I'm in Bali, they are to email me immediately with hopefully! good news. Oh, and other good news: two months til Bali. Yesssss.

Anyway, back to ignoring the big to-do about a recent incident on campus and doing some research. Will try to post more frequently in the future; don't count on it.

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Apparently when you hit shift+arrow left in Firefox, it navigates you back a page. When you go forward again, dreamwidth has dropped your post. Rewrite time!

My progress report for Humanitarian Intervention is DONE. That means in the next week I have only (only) to write a story, edit another story, write a blog post and comment on it for anth/wgst, and research and write the abstract for my anth/wgst paper. I also have to do things like edit other people's stories for workshop and do my reading. Also research my Indonesian paper and practice speaking.

In other news, the women-specific section of Kompas, which is an Indonesian-language online newspaper/publication, is entitled "Female." All this despite the fact that there is a perfectly good word in bahasa Indonesia, perempuan, for woman/female. Also all the photos are of non-Indonesian women. Bizarre. You can see for yourself here.

I think I just heard a fly buzzing around. Bitch, please -- I may be a vegetarian but that doesn't mean I have to care for flies.

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Putting off decisions about thesis, summer, that sort of thing; I can't really make an accurate or informed decision until I'm abroad anyway. My parents will be coming to visit at the end of my program, so if I want to go home or elsewhere with them, I'll be able to; similarly, I'll be able to stick around if I want.

Not thinking about my projects as much as I should be. I'm about to start attacking JSTOR for articles, so we'll see where that takes me.

Seeing Paul Rusesebagina (spelling?) speak tonight -- should be an interesting experience.

So yea. Slowly getting stuff done. Resisting the urge to ignore it all and nap.
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Enter the To-Do list of doom.

Tomorrow, I must:
Practice speaking Indonesian
Meet with my professor to practice said Indonesian
Meet with my other professor to discuss my potential paper topic
Read the introduction and chapters 1&3 of Farmer, Pathologies of Power
Read a sizeable portion of Vickers, Bali: A Paradise Created

In the next week, I must:
Read the Maxwell story
Write a brief imitation of said story
Figure out what story to write my story on
Finish Vickers
Read Block, Pushed
Read the Menacker article
Write a blog post for class
Finish Farmer
Read and critique 2 stories for workshop
Practice Indonesian
Begin my story

Major things due in the next month:
Story for workshop
Progress report for faith-based interventions project
Abstract for sex in society paper
Read a whole lot of things about Bali so I can figure out on what to write that paper
Don't panic.

Ohgodohgod why am I doing this college thing?

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Partially unpacked, and busy from around 9:30-6 constantly with orientation staff stuff. Have to make sure no one gets hurt (knock on wood). More updates hopefully later tonight or tomorrow, but contingent on exhaustion. Need breakfast (coffee!) now.

The jury is still out on whether or not being here will be good.

On the bright (har har) side, my room gets wonderful morning light.


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