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Finished the semester, home for a month, then off to the other side of the world.

I feel completely lost right now.
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Don't get me wrong. I'm more than grateful that I got to grow up in a privileged area where I had access to everything -- education, museums, food, entertainment, you name it -- at my fingertips. Still, it blows my mind that almost every car on the road is a brand new SUV and when I see guys in golf carts exasperated because traffic won't stop for them so they can cross the street and continue their game at their fancy country club.

It's also fascinating to me, coming home from my various enclaves of young, hipster, and environmentally-conscious. The last of those, the concern for the environment, is partly a function of the fact that if you can pay to fill up your Suburban with premium gas, you will. More than that, though, it seems to be largely generational. While I'm certainly not complaining, I'm currently sitting in the very large kitchen of my parents' over-air-conditioned first house. We drive to everything; although my dad could commute via the subway, he doesn't. A lot of that, too, is that it's more convenient and that my parents can afford it. Still, while I'd like to one day own a house with an amply large kitchen and central air, I'd also like to grow a lot of my own food and conserve enough energy that I can sleep easy at night knowing that I'm not exploding my corner of the environment.

On a completely unrelated note, Dad's scheduled for a biopsy near his old melanoma site tomorrow. He's been in remission for a while and it's probably nothing, but...ugh, I don't really want to think about the possibility.


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