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I woke up an hour ago, lounged around in bed for a little while, then had cereal and made my usual pot of tea. Within the time it took me to drink said pot of tea, I glanced over my notes and happily plugged out the last 400 words of my paper abstract. Contrast with last night, where the first 200 words of the abstract took nearly an hour (and a fairly teary one at that) before I realized that I had other work that needed to be finished right then and abandoned it for the night. I'm thinking it might be worth getting up (and going to sleep) even earlier these days.

All this, too, despite insomnia from, oh, 3:30 this morning until 6 or 7. Annoying Neighbor came home around 3:30 and proceeded to stand in the hall outside less annoying Neighbor's door, telling him loudly about how her best friend had gotten drunk for the first time in her life! and it was crazy!

People, 3:30 am is sleeping time. Not yelling drunkenly time -- that really ought to end by 1 in the morning. Please? I mean, it was brief so I didn't bother putting pants on and telling her to go away, but oh man insomnia sucks. I am so excited to get out of the dorm into a place that is quiet.

Still, the snow-covered trees are framing the Dome nicely this morning. Maybe if i ever have time again I'll go for a hike.
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Specifically, at (1) posting and (2) learning foreign languages. No particular excuse for either, but hey, at least I admit it.

I'm trying to learn Bahasa Indonesia as an independent study before I head over to Bali in the spring. I consider myself a person of at least average intelligence, but memorizing new vocabulary? So not good. I have managed to learn the words for coffee, tea, and eat (kopi, teh, dan makan), at least. Is anyone surprised that those are the words I remember? Also nasi goreng -- fried rice. Seriously, just give me a list of food and cooking terms and I'll learn them no problem. I think my Prof was getting a bit frustrated, though, as I consistently forgot vocab words and mispronounce the negation word. Whoops...

In other news, I have an amazing view of what is either the Dome or an unnamed 500ft hill. I can read a topographical map, thank you very much, but the enormous oak and pine trees are rather in the way of any other reference points. Oh, also I have amazing morning light. Have I mentioned that yet? 

I went on a run this morning up one of the huge hills/small mountains near campus this morning. The hill faces east and the sun was just coming up. On my way down I got a perfect view of the valley, covered in golden-hued fog. Oh man I love these morning runs.

Now off to work on my fiction imitation! We'll see if it turns out well at all.


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