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I was supposed to drive from Boston to DC this past Friday. It seemed like a good plan: I'd finished my pottery class on Wednesday, so I'd take Thursday to pack up the apartment and head down on Friday. On the way, I'd drop J in Philly, where she'd meet up with her brother and then head home for her mom's birthday. That would let us split some of the driving and I'd still get home in a reasonable amount of time.

Thing is, I've spent all summer having quite a loose concept of time: to me, Friday may as well be Tuesday. I didn't really stop to consider that everyone and their mother would be trying to get out of town on one of the last Friday afternoons in August. So we sat in New York for about four hours.

Fortunately, J's family is wonderful and rather than going on to Philly from New York (at what was by then around 6 o'clock), we headed straight to her parents' house where I spent the night. I got to meet the Norweigians (J's unofficial extended family) as well as her mom's best friend who no one else likes. It was certainly eventful, and way easier than it would otherwise have been. The next morning, I headed home and then to the island where the family was. Good times -- managed not to crash despite the total 15 and a half hours of driving.

So now I'm home for a little over a week before heading back to school. I'm spending most of my time unpacking, repacking, washing cars, and working out. Not too bad, all things considered. I'm not entirely sure how I'm feeling about my return to campus, but I think I'll leave that contemplation for another time.


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